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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Sun, September 30, 2001 at 11:51 PM GMT
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Subject: Info Names


        OK, now that the new names seem to be up, I can check my own score.

Early in the process, I submitted landrush applications for five names.  Three of them were taken by apparently-fraudulent trademarks in the sunrise, leaving two active applications.  Subsequently, between the sunrise and landrush phases, I applied for four more names that weren't taken in the sunrise period, raising my active application count to six.

The score now:  I got two of the names, others got four of the names, and one still shows as unregistered to anybody.  The latter has me confused; did the registrar fail to submit one of my applications (and if that was the case, maybe it failed to submit some of the others too, so I didn't even get a fair chance against the other applicants?), or are there still some landrush queue names yet to be processed?

Well, anyway, I didn't sink a heap of money into this; I pretty much just did it for fun, with some vague plans of what I might do with the names, but nothing I'm seriously depending on.

All but one of my applications were submitted to only one registrar; one of the names was submitted to two different registrars, and that was one of the two I won (in that case, it was the application with the different registrar from the others that won).  The other name I won was with the registrar that I submitted all the other applications to, so they didn't lose *all* of my applications.


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