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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Mon, October 1, 2001 at 7:29 AM GMT
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Subject: congrats Rachel - and boquets to PSI-Japan - Bob Connelly


showning how it can be done.

From an original list of about 50 - preparation cut short and under-exposed when I gave up preregistering once the abomination of the Sunrise became apparent and decided I had better become an activist, and when registrars wanted prepayment - in contradiction to what some led many of us to believe at the time we preregistered  - gasp, I got 13.  (I know, my sentences are toooo long.)

Bob Connelly's PSI Japan got me 7, the remaing 6 shared between 3 registrars.

I am wondering what on earth I was doing giving money to the others - I got didly squat for the money.  (I think we should all log at the forum as DomeBase recommended, those registrars who were successful  {and those who weren't}- I have made the recommendation that the times when registrations appear to have been made with each registrar may give us an idea as to whether there were registrar queues missing for different round robins.  May be Bob can search by time or registrar?)

Which brings me to those activation dates.

My 7 registration activations for those domains through PSI are all timed between 17:04:45 and 17:16:37 on 12 September 2001.  These have to be queuing times - don't they?  The reason I think this is the case is that these are the only times that PSI Japan evidently registered names for me. If these aren't queing times, then why didn't PSI have any success at any other time with any of my remaining names I had with them.  As you can guess, really top names went to others, although I am very pleased with the names I won.  One for instance in the PSI cueue went on 22 September - although I think a registrar was involved - and given the conspiracy theories - I am not convinced that registrars didn't get the pick of the names, at whatever date before today.

Which means, trust Afilias? - you can't - I think they have chosen to bill each of us early for all our domains!!!!

Thanks Bob connelly.




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