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Username: Helveticus
Date/Time: Mon, October 1, 2001 at 5:29 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Subject: A surprise with Network Solutions + A few additional comments


It was not useless to submit names through Network Solutions: I got six through them (true, rather unusual or foreign names, but anyway... there were foreign names which I submitted on short lists and did not get!). This is a pleasant surprise - especially considering the fact that they did not charge anything in advance.
Less pleasant: in five of those six cases, the sponsoring registrars used by Network Solutions (I had submitted the names directly to Network Solutions, but they went through various sponsoring registrars) included a TM, which I did never claim to have. Always the sanme: 2000-10-01, US, E.G.B. 12345. What does "EGB" mean? does it indicate that those are just numbers to fill a space, not a TM claim, or could it be that some of my names could be challenged due to that unrequested, fake TM addition by registrars?
Here are my full results, since every body is interested to know more about results through various registrars (I list only those through which I submitted at least three names):
NETWORK SOLUTIONS: 20 submitted, got 6
1st DOMAIN: 9 submitted, got 1
AAAQ: 5 submitted, got 3
DOMAINBANK: 3 submitted, got 1
DOMAINPEOPLE: 3 submitted, got 0
GODADDY: 6 submitted, got 0
PARAVA: 3 submitted, got 1
REGISTER,COM: 3 submitted, got 0. (Actually, I had registered many more with and some other registrars, but all those additional ones were taken by people with fake TM during Sunrise, and so I do not include them in this account.)


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