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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Mon, October 1, 2001 at 11:00 PM GMT
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Subject: REGISTRAR PETITION - giving credit where credit is due


DomeBase has advised that DomainBank is doing the right thing by cheated Landrushers and will refund preregistration fees paid for names which Afilias blindly registered to cheats in the .info Sunrise.

As the Afilias .info rollout has been aptly termed an abomination, DomainBank have to be applauded for emerging as a register prepared to do the right and sensible thing by its customers.

I would like to start a petition here to all other registrars who have yet to make refunds for the names taken from the Landrush lottery barrel because many registrars and the registry chose to look the other way when the cheats lodged fraudulent applications.

It would please me if the posters here would simple post a SUPPORT subject line to the proposal that other registrars follow the lead of DomainBank.

Should any registrar decide that they want to act ethically and win some goodwill by crediting your credit card - then post the forum that the registrar is one with their eyes on the future and looking to win back the confidence of prospective customers.  I am sure that the websites which will chronicle the Afilias fiasco will give credit where credit is due to those registrars who make refunds and to those who decide to keep your money.

I think the tireless efforts of Richard Henderson have to be acknowledged as it may just be that the DomainBank refund policy is an initiative resulting from the pressure that Richard has been able and prepared to apply.  Remember, if you say and do nothing to stand up for your rights/interests - you're effectively giving your consent to whomever to do whatever they have done again, and that saying/doing nothing is just like saying that it's OK to rip me off. 

(I have to advise here that Tucows almost immediately made refunds, what seems weeks ago now, when Landrush preregistrations were effectively made valueless when Afilias registered 10,000 plus orders from Sunrise cybersquatters and made no plans to effectively deal with the destruction of the integrity of its registry and stage an ethical Landrush II.)



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