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Username: dtobias
Date/Time: Tue, October 2, 2001 at 3:18 AM GMT
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Subject: The other shoe finally drops...


        Finally, a few hours after live registrations of .info names (supposedly) began, the registration of my last pending pre-registered name, via GoDaddy, went through.  This means that the status of all of the names I attempted to register has been resolved, although none of the registrars in question have yet actually informed me of this status or added the domains to their online control panels so I can set the name servers to make them work.

In the meantime, I had attempted a registration of that last name through, not trusting GoDaddy to get the registration through once live public registrations were in effect.  This registration, though it appeared successful at the time, apparently had no effect (and I hope I don't get charged for it).

Now that all of my pre-registrations have been settled, I no longer have to be secretive about them due to a possible need to grab a name first in public registration, so here are all my registrations and what happened with them:

1) -- Filed with on 2001-07-12.  Registration succeeded, showing registration date of 2001-09-19.  To be used in conjunction with my fan site about Mexican singer/TV host Tatiana,

2) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-07-24.  The only .info domain I filed with more than one registrar, to increase my chance of getting it.  It proved unnecessary, as the first registration I filed was the one that succeeded anyway.  I don't know if I faced any competition for this name (it would have been neat if they actually showed such statistics as how many others tried to apply for the same name); similar names like and were registered by others, and every other person's first name I could think of was taken by somebody, so I'm sure somebody would have registered this one if I didn't.

3) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-08-03.  One of several I chose as good "base domains" for subdomains for a whole range of sites, in this case for protest sites, protesting anything and everything... for instance, could be a site protesting against ICANN.  I would use some such subdomains for sites of my own devising, and make redirected subdomains available to others' protest sites -- I don't know if I'd try to get people to pay for that or just give them away for free as a service to protestors everywhere.  But I didn't get this one.

4) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-08-03.  An "inverse" to, a good "base domain" for fan sites of all sorts, like,, etc.  But it was taken by a sunrise squatter.

5) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-08-06.  A good "base" for subdomains for campaign sites.  I wouldn't expect major Presidential candidates to get subdomains from me rather than registering their own domains, but it might make nice addresses for local candidates, as well as people running for office within private organizations, etc.  But another sunrise squatter got it.

6) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-08-11. Well, it's my name... it might have made a nice address for my personal site, which I've never really liked having as a "dot-com" since it's not particularly commercial.  But yet another sunrise squatter got that.
7) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-09-11.  This one somehow got through the sunrise phase without being squatted on -- it's a great suffix domain for "anti-" sites about anything, like,, or  I didn't expect I had much chance of winning it, and I didn't.  But it was worth a try anyway.  It was part of a batch of registrations I attempted in between the sunrise and landrush phases to replace the ones I had already lost to squatters; I submitted them in the morning of the 11th, less than an hour before the first plane smashed into the World Trade Center and took most people's mind away from domain registrations.

8) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-09-11. Another "anti-site" suffix domain; not as good as "", but with some potential. And I actually got this one; it shows a registration date of 2001-09-13.

9) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-09-11. I couldn't decide whether the singular or plural form was best for this use, so I tried both.  This was the domain I've been remarking about that seemed to go into limbo, not showing up in WHOIS when the landrush names went live. Finally, it registered now, showing a registration date of 2001-10-02, with a timestamp of 01:48:38 UTC.

10) -- Filed with GoDaddy on 2001-09-11. Another possible suffix domain for fan sites, and also shows solidarity with other fans with "fandom.*" domains that were recently harrassed by the now-bankrupt, which made ridiculous claims to trademark rights on the generic word "fandom" (but which seems to have self-destructed so much that they didn't even do a sunrise registration in .info).  But I lost out on this one.
11) -- While waiting for the GoDaddy registration of this to either succeed or fail... to do *something*!... I tried a registration at once live registrations started.  Obviously, it failed, since I got the name ultimately at GoDaddy.
OK... so I guess my final score is:
11 different registrations attempted
9 unique names requested
3 taken by sunrise squatters
3 taken by other landrushers
3 successfully registered


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