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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Tue, October 2, 2001 at 1:11 PM GMT
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Subject: Landrush II ?


Steve - all of us had wanted a straight Landrush and would have liked a chance at a Landrush II as you describe.  But we are dealing with Afilias - how many of us now think they will energetically or even half effectively purge the frauds in our lifetime?

I also think that the fact that Hal Lubsen's DomainBank is making refunds is further confirmation that Afilias is not now - if it ever was  really seriously considering what we have all wanted  - a Landrush II with the freed names in the barrel and our preregistrations standing.

I think the best we can now do is to bring pressure on other registrars to follow DomainBank, and to maintain a watch and pressure on Afilias to purge all the frauds, those on the board, those amongst the registrars, and all the other cheats.

I think getting a Landrush II or a refund are both big asks - but I think a refund, while unlikely, is better odds than Landrush II.

Why don't we wait to see what sort of forum feeling we get, wait until we have had a response from the registrars (I am writing to each of mine now and planning to contact each several times if need be.), and if need be, we switch our efforts back to achieving a Landrush II if more registrars don't come to the party.

Who knows, if we are effective in applying pressure for refunds, Afilias may reconsider the benefits of a thorough purge of frauds and an equitable Landrush II instead of copping flack from registrars not wanting to part with preregistration fees.



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