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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Tue, October 2, 2001 at 10:12 PM GMT
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Subject: I agree


I too want a chance at the names that I preregistered over a period of 9 months, working on average 5 hours a day chasing the preregistrations I wanted.  I worked as hard as most who were serious about positioning themselves for Landrush.  I don't plan to go away and be quiet - as I lost a chance at the 17 names at the top of my list in which I invested 2/3rds of my budget.  I tried to win names in the four areas which make up my business.  5 of the 13 names I won are key names in 2 areas.  The other two areas are "headless" because the names went to cheats.

I plan to maintain pressure to get Afilias to thoroughly check all fraudulent Sunrise applications and for the organisation of a Landrush II - because the idea of 10,000 freed names released in a way other than a Landrush worries me.

I am gaining a feeling that amongst the registrars a change is occuring being led by DomainBank.  Afilias has made a dog's breakfast of the .info rollout and I suspect some registrars who are aware that their performance will be monitored and recorded by some of the poster's sites are trying to gain some credibility and win back some trust.

My feeling is that, if someone is offering a refund now Vs the feint possiblilty of a Landrush II at some date way over the horizon, then I will take the money now.

I plan to continue to work hard to make things happen.  What are you going to do?





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