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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Tue, October 2, 2001 at 10:46 PM GMT
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Subject: so much for Afilias's claims about promoting competition


I went looking last night for registrars taking real time applications and found a lot of the dopey pricks and prickesses still in Landrush mode, unable to take real time applications and money. Probably still getting over their Sunrise celebration windfall hangovers and haven't bothered getting ready for more business. Noticed a few had "upgraded" their sites since I last visited them before the fiasco of Sunrise became apparent and I stopped buying preregistrations - and the sites are still not user friendly - and I hope will cost them money because there are easier sites and better deals around.

Which brings me to the fact that all but three of a sample of about 12 registrars I visited were offing .info domains at USD$70 for two years registration.  Competition.  Phooeee!  Looks like collusion on pricing to me. Where I come from there are strict rules and penalties against that.  When Afilias is wholesaleing at $5.75/yr - it makes the registrars's margins look pretty fat.

FYI - Speednames were USD$69/2yrs - wow, save a dollar!!!
      WebCity were AUS$67.90/2yrs  - which includes AUS GST which overseas buyers may not need to pay and with the Aussie worth about 50 cents US it makes them half price against the majority of the others I checked  
      Easyspace were USD$36/2yrs
      SpyProductions - still waiting email confirmation of what I think is USD$20 or 40/2yrs - their site has no page I could find dedicated to .info and no .info pricing - you apparently access .info registrations via the .biz search

Good luck Landrushers - you still deserve better!


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