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Username: SNAFU
Date/Time: Wed, October 3, 2001 at 12:54 AM GMT
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Subject: May be the one part of...


...the whole "landrush" debacle that can't be blamed on Afilias, although they may have had a hand in it (giving results to registrars in a way that requires manual processing???). More days of the initial two year term lost to us.

Speaking of which, how incredibly un-registrant-friendly is Afilias? Stealing several to nineteen days from the two-year registration of each "landrush" domain. It would have been incredibly easy to date all the expirations as Sept 30th or Oct 1st. But no, they shave off a little extra time, even though we all (over)paid for a full two years.

Let's play with some numbers:
Let's say an average loss of 11 days (may be low, mine was 17, max was up to about 19).
Let's say 250,000 domains. (low)
Let's say the average price paid per year was $25. (probably low)
Afilias' price was $5.75/year.

So Afilias cheats their registrants out of about $187,500 worth of paid for registartion time for which their wholesale value is about $43,125 (which of course they don't really collect, they just get the renewals two years from now, a few days sooner).

All estimates of course.

Way to show you care about your registrants again Afilias. Way to set yourself up for a, easy for a court to understand, class action suit though too. Simple, two years paid for and not received, dollars and cents kind of issue.

I could go into the whole much more outrageous "sunrise" deal, but that has been rather well discussed already.

SNAFU - Situation Normal, Afilias...


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