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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Wed, October 3, 2001 at 2:46 AM GMT
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Subject: The value of INFO


        Generally I agree with your assessment and most participants in this forum will likely do too. The question is how will the world view these TLDs. In my mind INFO next to ".org" and the lower ".gov", represent the most natural extensions to intuitive surfing. On the other hand, had Afilias put some more thinking into the true potential of INFO, this would have become a different picture.

.INFO, should become a "category killer" at a time when most search-engines and portals shed their objectivity in favor of paid- rankings, .INFO would have slipped in nicely into the public perception as the first source of pertinent information.

This could still happen, provided Afilias recovers and re-distributes the "hijacked" names that represent the weight of the extension and enough owners spend the time and effort in turning their holdings into meaningful destinations.

This extension will change a few rules however its success will most definitely depend on the quality of its developers.

As for other niche extensions such as biz, aero, museum etc.. I think these are destined to follow CC, WS and TV into the land of obscurity..  


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