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Username: Ron_Bennett
Date/Time: Wed, October 3, 2001 at 4:26 AM GMT
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Subject: .BIZ Speculators Throwing Money Down the Drain...


        You act surprised...don't feel bad though...most people grabbing .BIZ domains have no idea that .BIZ is a "restricted" TLD - not only does the standard ICANN Uniform Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) apply, but in addition so does .BIZ's Restrictions Dispute-Resolution Policy (RDRP)...and for landrushers, the .BIZ Start-up Trademark Opposition Policy (STOP) also applies to .BIZ domains that have IP claims pending against them.

To put it simply, many people will *lose* their .BIZ domain name registrations; many simply because *they have no idea* that .BIZ is restricted and thus aren't prepared to defend their .BIZ domains properly in such an environment.

For unchallenged .BIZ domains, resale/trade/etc should be relatively simple since the Registry will *not* actively review, monitor, nor verify .BIZ domains in regards to conforming to .BIZ restrictions. So the simplest thing to do in my view, especially for the novice, is to wait awhile, perhaps several months, before trying to sell their .BIZ domains - the biggest threat in the beginning will be others filing challenges...I'm so glad I only pre-registered a dozen or so .BIZ domains...for those who get hundreds of .BIZ domains, they can also expect to many, many more challenges - some .BIZ registrants may face the prospect of a wide array and multitude of challeges - in some cases, many dozens for just one domain alone, such as can be expected with "".

In the end, all this will do is make .COM even more valuable...making .BIZ restricted will in the end probably be viewed as a major mistake. For over time, I suspect word will get around that if one doesn't already own the .COM version, don't bother registering the .BIZ version since they'll probably lose it in a challenge.


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