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Username: icanncant
Date/Time: Wed, October 3, 2001 at 5:06 AM GMT
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Subject: The Past Predicted the Present


      Most of the events taking place today were predicted as evidenced by the comments from this past ICANN forum.

Without a doubt the level of incompetence and corruption is actually worse than I imagined.

In regard to Afilias and ICANN overall we are witnessing sheer incompetence at the very least and total corruption at the worst however it's more likely a combination of both with corruption gaining in prominence with every passing day. There is no other explanation.

The formation of Afilias along with ICANN's consideration of it as a choice in itself flies smack in the face of spirit of real competition let alone ICANN's subsequent approval of Afilias, which undermines one of the very reasons for holding the process to begin with.

We are led to believe that the people of ICANN are highly educated and yet they ignored the fact that Afilias constitutes the makings of a wider and more dangerous monopoly makes them suspect. The chances of Afilias engaging in anti-competitive behavior such as collusion and price fixing is highly probable and yet this cartel is what they represent to the world as their view of competition

Being that these are “highly educated individuals” makes it improbable to accept these events as merely incompetence. Keep in mind the plan is for them to "explain" it away under the guise of a "proof of concept"
Incompetence is one thing but let's call it what it is, Corruption.

What would you call it, incompetence or corruption when ICANN has done nothing to insure that Afilias lives up to the claims it made in it’s application such as domain registration fees under $6?
In fact other applicants were scorned by ICANN for honestly proposing higher yet reasonable and realistic registration fees.

Why has ICANN not taken action to insure that such representations would be honored?

Considering ICANN doesn't keep their own promises this hardly comes as no surprise.

I believe that some who have followed these events have held hope that ICANN would step in and protect the "public trust" as ICANN like’s to call it these days, but if we all agree that the saying "actions speak louder than words" is a good way to judge then hope gets tossed out the window because when reviewing these events from the time we first became aware of the abuse of the sunrise process, that prompted widespread media coverage.  What action did the public observe from ICANN and Afilias?

No action, just hollow words that are in essence a "down the road" pitch, nothing more nothing less.

I speculate what we witnessed was the "blinking" of ICANN as it became apparent to them that ignoring the situation, a familiar trait practiced by ICANN in the past was no longer a viable option and so they did the next best thing, addressing the situation by not really addressing it as in "buying time" with the hopes that things would just blow over.

You might ask but why would I come to such a conclusion?

To begin with from the day of ICANN's press release up until the present the situation has only worsened and still without any action from ICANN and Afilias

The recent ICANN meeting in Montevideo can be viewed as an ominous indicator of the true lack of concern, matter of fact Afilias had the audacity to give a glowing presentation claiming basically an overall success but worst of all and far more damming is that now all the domain names registered fraudulently are resolvable instead of being frozen!

Those who cheated the system have been rewarded by being given the opportunity to profit from their cheating no matter whether it big or small and no matter if it one day or a few months. If I didn't know ICANN any better I would find this unbelievable.

This fact alone should be proof enough of the false intentions of ICANN and Afilias regarding their talk of making things right.

Even assuming for a moment that ICANN is guilty of being innocently incompetent for choosing Afilias, there is no conceivable way now that such claims can be made by ICANN or anyone for that matter. I reject fully any claims ICANN will undoubtedly make attributing these events as a product of their "proof of concept" in an effort to evade accountability, it is unwarranted and contemptuous of fairness and honesty

ICANN's inaction at this moment without question proves how worthless and ineffective they are and calling ICANN negligent towards the public trust due to some incompetence is in itself bad enough and worthy of their dismantling but finding them to be reckless in allowing the systematic abuse to continue is far more serious.

So which is it Incompetence or Corruption?

For me I doubt there is any explanation other than incompetence or corruption and being that we all know there is an overall problem the question now is what is the solution, a solution that can and will be implemented?

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