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Username: icanncant
Date/Time: Wed, October 3, 2001 at 7:39 AM GMT
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Subject: News Article Shows Afilias Disregard for the Public


      .info registry stuck in traffic

What timing! This news story from yesterday reinforces for me what I wrote about in my earlier post. Below are some quotes from Roland LaPlante. He is something else, reminds me of some con man.
No shame in him at all.
With each new screw up he has the nerve to claim "success" What is this guy's idea of success I wonder.

The bigger problem here is Afilias doesn't bother at all to acknowledge the problem so how can anyone hold hope that they will do what is right.
Again it only supports the conclusion that they paid lip service to it at the beginning out of their own self interest. Very sad

"Over the last 24 hours, we have had a large number of requests to register names, and the system was not performing as quickly as we thought it should," said Roland LaPlante, vice president of Afilias. "We couldn't remedy it while it was still operating, so to make sure everyone has equal access--that people were not competing on an unequal footing--we decided to take the registry down for maintenance."

Despite the delay and the suspension, LaPlante characterized the launch of .info registrations as "very successful."

"Fortunately there has been a high level of demand, and now we need to fine-tune our systems to give everyone equal access," he said. "We apologize to the public for any inconvenience this has caused, but we believe that everyone will be better off in the end."

LaPlante get real who are you kidding "Utter Failure" best describes all of it

    The compliment is much appreciated


Link: .info registry stuck in traffic

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