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Username: Lottery Winner
Date/Time: Wed, October 3, 2001 at 7:16 PM GMT
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Subject: New TLDs - What purpose do they serve?


The Purpose of the DNS system is to Enable a stable layer of memorable names so that people can remember how to find each other on the network.

ICANN should have gone to certain 2nd level domain owners and encouraged expansion of the DNS system as it has been designed to expand. Some 2nd level domain holders should register 3rd level domains to others.

An increased expansion of the namespace at the first level will result in a situation similar to someone who places ALL of their directories on the root of their hard drive without using sub folders. The result is an unruly disorganized mess.

Growth within the DNS system is provided for, within the design of the DNS system. Adding TLDs is not the method envisioned by the protocol. The Zones are designed to grow by expanding downward, 1st level to 2nd level to 3rd level etc...

Furthermore, expanding The TLDs destroys the memorability aspect of the Domain System, its greatest value!  Not only are we going to have more confusion and disputes, but people will not be able to remember their way around as well.

The DNS is designed to expand so that the load on systems and organizations is distributed. Expanding the TLDs and encouraging organizations to register more and more 2nd level tlds concentrates the load at the top of the system, and discourages proper growth of the DNS.

At a time when many internet centric companies are shrinking, adding .biz and .info has forced many to spend money and time just to try to prevent a splinter in their identity on the Internet. The desperation involved in buying as many chances as possible in the face of unknown odds has been insult and injury to everyone concerned.

In the persuit of stability, more TLDs should not be created and ICANN should encourage a distribution of the load on DNS servers instead of concertrating the load at the root.

P.S. type in and get the same as    


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