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Username: Lottery Winner
Date/Time: Wed, October 3, 2001 at 8:17 PM GMT
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Subject: It's not that hard


Some would argue that it is not that hard to remember the difference between..

This may be true for those persons with a good memory and few second levels to remember (the xyz part), but as the list grows to 10 or 20 or 50 xyz's, no one's memory will hold up.

Further more, having to remeber the difference between multiple xyz's frustrates the ability to remember the difference between and for example.

if necessary, could someone remember the difference between:

Now take into account that the won the lottery for but did not buy enough tickets and lost to somene else and is but not

q: How many second level domains can the average person remember?
a: How many TLDs are there to keep track of?

q: How many lawsuits and fights will there be over domain names?
a: How many TLDs will be opened?

com, net, and org had logical global distinctions associated with the registrants. The Dot biz and dot info strive to blur distinction between domains and their registrants.

The price of new TLDs will be confusion, disputes and an overall degregation of the domain name sytem ( also a reliance on search engines and trademark litigation ). DNS as a utility to remember others will suffer and so will DNS performance.

P.S. someone had responded to...

New TLD's What purpose do they serve?

by saying that its not that hard to remember the difference between the tlds that we have now - and the post seems to have disapeared.



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