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Username: challenge
Date/Time: Wed, October 3, 2001 at 10:41 PM GMT
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Subject: And your point being?


        I don't recall saying that .biz replaces .com, however to answer that question I think .BIZ is a dudd, non-starter, DOA etc..
I could see it reaching a .net status but nobody has the stomach, resources and patience to replace their .com with an equivalent .biz
On the other hand, companies will be forced to chase down .biz extensions to insure that they don't get mis-used, but once they get them, they will be nothing more than pointers to their .com!! Same thing happened with .WS and that one has gone into the garbage bin of history.

They are way too similar in connotation and that's why .biz will fail to have a distinguishing meaning.

If you compare both and, it's obvious that .INFO will win in the longrun as more people realize that they can get to relevant information rather than an itch cream product.

Which brings us back to how do you monetize a .INFO holding if that is your intention. That is a longer discussion and I will give you my view on it in afew days.  


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