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Username: spot
Date/Time: Thu, October 4, 2001 at 12:36 AM GMT
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Subject: Turning .INFO into a Business Plan


                There has been considerable talk of the future of .info and .biz and what will happen to the old domains.  Basically (as long as everyone doesn't just let them wrot with holding pages)  .info in the long term will be a winner - it aspires to be an information source on the subject in stark contrast to .biz which is offputting due to its hard sales angle.

From a business perspective .info portals could offer all the info you need on the subject with optional extras at further cost. E.g. could offer lots of articles and info on Perl programming, and sell scripts, books on Perl and even a subscription to access extra articles and/ or scripts. This could be further developed to act as a medium between recruiters and perl programmers, or have job boards, or put consultants in touch with projects etc. sounds stupid and really only conjures up images of expensive scripts that you can get free elsewhere and maybe perl book sales etc. The very sound of it is an implicitly 'smaller' site and it doesn't suggest that community-type element that big portals have. The community part of portals is important and enables a site to grow as its visitors submit comments, articles etc and give eachother online support. For these reasons, many .infos have a fantastic chance of being successful.

.Biz can really only hope for business to business or blatent no-messing-about 5-minute credit card deals i.e. buying domains.
I think B2B will be its main use, but they won't replace .coms. .Coms because they are older and harder to get will be similar to vintage cars- like a status symbol, more prestigious than a .biz  

.Biz is basically like a .com without character, or established reputation or a community keeping you coming back. .info on the other hand suggests that it encapsulates everything in the .com site, and  gives you more- a choice, a resource, something where you have control and possibly input, not just them having a sales pitch. It's geared around you, not them.



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