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Username: spot
Date/Time: Thu, October 4, 2001 at 12:49 AM GMT
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Subject: That is 'at one with the ridiculous'


No, you don't need every TLD. It's this kind of mentality that has blocked off so many domains, and necessitates new tlds.

I would say from a business perspective, if you want to be safe, get .com, .info and maybe .biz (in case corporations switch over to them, but I doubt it). I don't think you need a .net if you have a .com (unless you're business is relevant to the internet infrastructure). You certainly don't need a .org because if you're a company, no one will try that address before trying .com, .biz or .info.

If you're non profit, I would go for .org and .info. Possibly .com (I hate to say it because it is WRONG)- but only because of ignorance in internet newcomers who think everything ends in .com who may otherwise not find your site, and I would point it to the .org and have .org displayed clearly so they learn. Really non-profit orgs should not have .coms at all. It is improper, incorrect, UGLY and ANNOYING but unfortunately because so many already do, you might be at a disadvantage by not doing. There should be no question whatsoever of having a .biz. That is 'at one with the ridiculous'.  

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