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Username: psbyowner
Date/Time: Thu, October 4, 2001 at 4:18 PM GMT
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Subject: No .info is logical enough; unfortunately...


      Plankenstein and Nobringa will probably not publish content on the names they stole. This means people radomly searching common .info terms for content will only get "page not found"

This is a shame. But, logically .info should be up there with .com; and with the tech meltdown and the fact most people use the web for research, .info will become a standard and usher in a new era: if we can wrest control of the key terms from the thieves that took them...

Fact is, Afilias should have limited the number of names that these individuals could steal. At least they should have made their registration forms more discretionary so blatantly false trademark information would not process. They were indeed negligent in this regard. They should of thought ahead and distributed as many different key terms to as many different people as they could; primarliy to get original content published and set a precident for the general public.

They would still make their money; thats the screwed up part of it. They simply held a short term view in their overall business ethic and plan.

It is not too late. They can still make corrections to their seat-of-the-pants start up.

I hope they eventually do what is right; for their own sake and not just for ours.

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