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Username: Anion
Date/Time: Sat, October 6, 2001 at 12:12 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Subject: the icann song



(sung to "I won't dance, don't ask me")
It won't break, don't worry
There's no rush, no hurry
Just sit back, we should agree
There's no real threat to Net stability.

It's not sick, no tumor
Just needs a dose of humor
Just sit back, we should agree
This group can't build a world democracy
That's not what ICANN was ever meant to be.

Get a life, stop sending earnest postings
It all sounds like nothing more than boasting
ICANN staff should think of merely coasting
We shouldn't cower
They've got no power
'Cause we know.....

It's not broke, don't fix it
Shake some gin, don't mix it
Just sit back, we should agree
The world's a better place with di-ver-si-ty
If staff won't reconsider, why oh why should we?

These lawyers, trademark clients
Aren't really mental giants
In the long term, no chance they'll win
At best they'll gain an empty IP victory.

What they really want is more attention
CCs, At Large also want a mention
Just sit back, we should agree
The net will do just fine without you and me
Should we make ICANN part of history?

Public voice, what's that about, I ask you?
NGOs, nonprofits and a teacher (or two)
They're all here in crowds because they feel blue
Let's keep them sunny
Let's find them money
Cause we know...

What confusion? can't see it
Lawyers' delusion, so be it
Just sit back, we should agree
We know that many TLDs will be key
Louis is not the only fish in the sea.

Let's pause, let's rethink
Let's go out and have a drink
Just sit back, we should agree
The network hums along without you and me.

Staff makes law, has no gun
Countries use force, they're no fun
Just sit back, we should agree
Just ask the GAC if we need a decree
Let's run domains and let the rest be.

Why so many complicated meetings?
Many-layered charts and careful seatings?
All this foreign travel is so fleeting
Let's all just rest up
Stop getting dressed up
'Cause we know...

I won't go, to ICANN
I don't care if you can
If I went, then we might see
What we do doesn't hurt sta-bi-li-ty


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