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Username: Ron_Bennett
Date/Time: Sat, October 6, 2001 at 1:08 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 using Windows 98
Subject: If You Want A Chance - DO NOT WAIT - CHALLENGE NOW!!!!


        If you want any chance at all of "winning" a "sunrise" domain in a second, considerably smaller, landrush, then BE SURE the domain(s) you want are going to be challenged by Afilias - while there's no 100% way of knowing that I'm aware of that a domain will be challenged by Afilias, you may be able to tell by doing some Whois and name server checks. "Sunrise" domains that will *probably be/are challenged* by Afilias will have name servers listed in Whois, but the respective name servers don't show up in the .INFO zone.

Based on various scans I've done so far, it appears VERY LITTLE will be challenged by Afilias. To put it another way, as of this moment, it appears upwards of 99% of "bogus" sunrise domains will *NOT* be challenged by Afilias.

To see if a domain(s) you really want is likely being challenged, thus giving you a very small, but real, chance of getting it in a second landrush:

Check the Whois *and* the .INFO zone name servers (use dig or similar utility). If domain was registered *during* "sunrise", has name servers listed, and the respective name servers aren't in the .INFO zone, then the domain is likely being challenged by Afilias and/or other parties.

Call and/or email Afilias and ask about the challege status of the domain(s) you really want.

If still not sure and/or you want to be totally sure, then file a challenge yourself - it will cost about $300, but then you'll be sure of at least having a shot.

Bottom line, DO NOT WAIT...from my understanding, after Dec-26-2001 (which is much less than six months from now), the "sunrise" domains can no longer be challenged under the "sunrise" challenge provisions.

What would be helpful is Afilias publishing the list of domains they *are* challenging or at minimum the number of domains they *are* challenging as of this moment.

Note the key word "are" in the above paragraph...if Afilias says yhey're "planning" to challenge, then don't hold your breath - challenge the domain(s) yourself NOW!

Good luck.

p.s. Anyways, why waste much money on .INFO, when many fine .COM domains are now expiring everyday...and the aftermarket is the best I've ever seen it for buyers - some *high quality* .COM domains are practically being given away - this is the time to buy - domain values, especially .COMs, will greatly increase when the economy rebounds in 2002/3.


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