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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Sun, October 7, 2001 at 3:46 PM GMT
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Subject: ... but we can trust the Board of Afilias...?


... after all, surely they weren't ALL submitting fake info?

... but then again, Speednames is represented on the Board of Afilias, and they helped Plankenstein submit 3981 fake names...

... why did they do it?

... for the $500,000 he paid them, perhaps?

... even if Afilias challenges every single name (their friendly Registrar having taken the money, of course) it will STILL not redress the injustice suffered by defrauded Landrush applicants

... and then there are other Board Members who have submitted false Trademark numbers for names for their Registrar companies or themselves...

...will they pursue and challenge themselves!!!???

...this truly is Alice in Wonderland stuff...

take a look at

...registered to the registrar company of an Afilias Board member, with an invented TM number... they've even hijacked an American state!

...and yet these are the people we have to trust to challenge others!!!


I have asked Mr Lubsen several times to explain these fair and legitimate concerns, and he has not had the courtesy to reply.

Why not?
Isn't Afilias about "Information"?

Reply please Mr Lubsen. Explain please.

Your silence looks increasingly like an admission of guilt.

Is the Afilias company above the law?
Is the Afilias company accountable to no-one?

Oops... I forgot... they are accountable to ICANN

But where is ICANN?
I've cc'd them about this too!
They haven't replied either.

I'd call it "the evasion of guilt".

Afilias clearly need to be brought before a public meeting to answer fair and reasonable questions, instead of just ignoring them.

And ICANN is craven if it does nothing.      


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