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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Mon, October 8, 2001 at 10:07 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Subject: More on Plankenstein


Received an e-mail from Austria today, suggesting that "Plankenstein" might have over-reached his authority in claiming all these falsely-trademarked domains:

"Like i know from several partners, there is allready an internal process running against Konrad Plankenstein from tiscover he has no authorisation to do this."

I asked for further details and got this reply:

"Tiscover is a portal for several companies in Austria, this portal hosts sites and other stuff to finde companies, holliday and weekend areas to anjoy. Konrad Plankenstein is a Member of the stuff of tiscover and usually he takes care of the Internet presenz of some companies that are hostet by tsicover;  now this man get all the domains in the name of tiscover but registered all for himself (like it wold to me) now the company tiscover itself has a prozess against him because he has no administrative or other rights to do that or to do so much... So some partners of my company came to me and told me in an chat in our coffee room. Sorry for my very bad english but usualy i have nothing to do with english content only server housing and administraton :)I hope i can tell you more sone..."

If this source is reliable, then it may be that senior members of this company may be able to obtain the background facts from "Plamkenstein" and whether there were any special arrangements with Speednames or any advice/information offered in advance of what appears to be a $500,000 deal.

Remember, Speednames is represented on the Board of Afilias, and may have benefitted from a profit-share scheme for submitting large numbers of applications. Whatever the case, it seems shattering that one of the Afilias Board members saw fit to allow a fraud of this size to go ahead unchecked, when presumably all he had to do was decline and block Plankenstein's application.

It is made even more laughable by the fact that the majority of the fake Trademarks were dated 1899. Oh yes, and like the William Lorenz case, Plankenstein openly admitted they were fake BEFORE Landrush, and yet Afilias didn't delete.

A truly extraordinary case of unacceptable practice all round, in my opinion. But what has ICANN done? Has it intervened? Has it strived to protect defrauded Landrush customers (like myself... I wanted because of connections I have with it, but Plankenstein got it with the fake info, helped by Speednames, accepted and registered by Afilias, and NOT deleted even when it was admitted it was false)

ICANN appear to me to be in league with a company/companies that have helped this man rob pre-registrants like me and thousands of others.

ICANN : this is your own public forum!!!!!!

Explain whether you condone the Afilias company in what their own Board Member (Robert Connelly) called the "abomination" of this Sunrise process.

Where are you??? Hiding ??? Cowards ??? Hello ???

Any answer???

Then you indict yourselves, I think...


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