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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Mon, October 8, 2001 at 11:03 PM GMT
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Subject: About Tiscover - e-mail or phone to find out the facts?


It turns out that Tiscover (in whose name 3981 domains were fraudulently claimed at Sunrise) are a major Austrian player in the online community there. If it is true that "Plankenstein" overstepped his brief then it may be worth e-mailing or phoning some of the contacts at the LINK below, to see if we can get to the bottom of what really happened. Since they will not wasnt to lose their reputation, I think they might be persuaded to investigate in detail what happened, renounce their claim to the fraudulently stolen names, and demand that Afilias delete all 3981 names.

The link is:

This is information about Tiscover I have copied from the English version of their website at :

"TIS GmbH is a marketing company for tourism, specializing in the field of electronic destination marketing. The focus of our activities lies in the development and support of integrated information and booking systems for the online market, with emphasis on covering an entire destination (country/nation)"

"Competent, creative, responsible and motivated staff members follow the motto "we develop multi-media solutions for the online market to increase the success of our customers and partners"."

"Tel: ++43-512-5351-666"

"Our product meets the highest quality standards, perfect service is part of our success. Therefore, our HelpDesk is at your disposal Mondays through Fridays, 8:00 am till 5:30 pm"

"TIScover Austria is one of Austria's most popular online services. The statistics show you the number of page views and visits and the actual number of bookings and reservations."

" and T-Online: A perfect Partnership"

"A perfect example of a perfect partnership! For two years now, t-online, Europe's biggest provider of Internet Services, has been trusting in, when it comes to Austria vacations. Since January 2000, t-online has been available on the Austrian market and since May 2000, the services as well. By the end of the year 2000, t-online aims at being among the top 3 of Austrian Internet providers. And is included within an attractive service package. The Portal of all clients and the much-visited information platform is continuously updated by a ten-member editorial team. When it comes to the topic of "Austria vacations", however, the Internet experts fully trust in the TIScover team. Interested t-online users can head for a virtual travel across the TIScover holiday world at one single click, including information on lodging opportunities, package deals, events and weather reports, the route planner and the ultimate 3-click reservation center. "The secret of success is based upon a perfect technology, a perfect offer and up-to-date contents - and the easy accessibility plays a decisive role in the rapid development of E-Commerce as well," says Arno Ebner, managing director of the TIScover company. "Interested users don't want to get lost in the Internet - what they want is a perfect blend of Infotainment and services combined on one platform. And our strategy of building strong partnerships is backed up by the fact that t-online, being a Big Player in the Internet, relies in the TIScover system."

For further information please contact:
TIScover-presse-releases, Maria-Theresienstr.55, A-6020 Innsbruck
Email:, Tel: ++43/5351-641, Fax:++43/5351-600

Once again, the LINK to a list of e-mails and phone numbers of Tiscover staff and clients:

Tiscover have built their business plan around blanket online coverage of places throughout a country (and primarily Austria). Konrad Plankenstein's actions fit very much with this strategy. But were Tiscover themselves part of this fraud, or was Plankenstein an over-zealous employee? Where did the $500,000 come from? Did no-one at Tiscover check or stop what was going on? Will Tiscover NOW save their reputation by demanding this FRAUD is reversed, and demanding that Afilias DELETE ALL THESE NAMES AT ONCE. Plankenstein has admitted they were False. They are false. Is Tiscover false? Are they fraudsters or are they a reputable company?

And are Speednames a reputable Registrar to accept $500,000 to help Plankenstein carry out his FRAUD?

And are Afilias a reputable Registry to register all these FAKES, and not delete them, even when the applicant has admitted they are Fakes?

Action please. Let's ask some of these employees and company leaders whether they accept the fraud that has taken place.

Because one thing is for certain.

This is MASSIVE fraud.

The largest single Trademark fraud in the history of the Internet - 3981 names...



Link: Names and e-mails of Tiscover executives, staff, and clients

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