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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Wed, October 10, 2001 at 10:18 PM GMT
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Subject: Tough choices for Land Rushers


        1. Push for Land Rush II (along the lines outlined at including names taken during Sunrise and restoring Land Rushers' chances at names they originally pre-registered, without paying twice.

2. Push for refunds for pre-reg fees from registrars for names taken during Sunrise and not submitted during Land Rush.  Get cash refund, but lose time, effort and "place in line" involved in Land Rush I.

3. Give up trying to correct injustice of Sunrise and Land Rush I.


#1 is the best outcome in terms of fairness, but in my now-jaded view, increasingly difficult and complex to do.  Not impossible, but difficult.  Thus far, Afilias has generally done what it wants to do -- despite what is said here or in the press.  If people want to push to #1, they need to think very concretely about how this would be done.  I have worked on it a lot, but gotten flack and seen few results.

#2 is more likely, but would mean that Land Rusher's would be giving up their time and effort spend on pre-registration, as well as their place in line.  At least one poster on this board did not like this because it seems like throwing Land Rushers a bone to get rid of them.

#3 is what Afilias seems to be counting on.  Land Rushers generally do not seem wealthy or well-organized, and they sometimes squabble among themselves.  Sometimes hard to see payoff for work on this subject.


Some tough questions and tough choices folks.  What do you think?



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