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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Thu, October 11, 2001 at 8:17 AM GMT
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Subject: That is actually an excellent idea


That is actually an excellent idea. It would be entirely reasonable, given the extent of the fraud, and the probable "hidden" fraud with carefully masked numbers that will otherwise go unnoticed, to request each Sunrise applicant to provide (a) Trademark certificates (b) the contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the relevant country TM registries.
There are two and a half months to do this in (at least) - longer actually, because of the "locked" period and the fact that Afilias are entitled by contract to DELETE any name if discovered to have false details.

Also, any Sunrise applicant who is genuine would have NO objection to providing the data. Only the fraudsters would squeal and complain. They would be put completely under the kosh!

The outcome would be the removal of 99% of fraudulent registrations, the revealing of hundreds of fakes submitted by Registrars, and the total defeat of the fraudsters.

As I say, this is an excellent and reasonable and workable idea : but then, so was the Domebase solution. The critical issue is that I'm not sure Afilias will want to do it.

It will draw attention to the extent of their incompetence, and they will say that it would spoil their "proof of concept" - the excuse they have used thus far, when put under pressure to do the fair and just thing.

Thanks Sanjeev. What do other people think of this proposal? I think it's excellent.      



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