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Username: DomeBase
Date/Time: Thu, October 11, 2001 at 1:31 PM GMT
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Subject: Depends on data kept or not by all participating registrars...


To be honest, I do not know the answer to this for sure.  I doubt that anyone does.  To implement Land Rush II in a manner which preserves rights of Land Rush I pre-registrants requires cooperation and request data from all the participating registrars in Land Rush I.  I would guess that if they really wanted to, that they could dig up the pre-registration data.  Right now, seems to me that Land Rush I registrars fall into roughly three categories: (1) those who have refunded people pre-reg fees for pre-regs taken in Sunrise; (2) those who have not refunded people pre-reg fees and are honestly awaiting possibly Land Rush II and plan to enter pre-regs in that at no additional cost; and (3) those who have neither refunded pre-reg fees for names taken in Sunrise nor commited to submitting pre-regs in Land Rush II.  Ideally, I would suggest that all registrars give Land Rush I pre-registrants the option of refund or submission in Land Rush II (se for details) at no additional cost.  This would take a lot of work.  My hunch is that if all the parties involved agreed on it, it could work.  However, Afilias seems to do pretty much whatever it wants.... at this point anyway.

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