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Username: Ron_Bennett
Date/Time: Fri, October 12, 2001 at 1:12 AM GMT
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Subject: Extraordinary Amount of Domain Name Theft By .INFO Registrars...


        There have been an extraordinary number of reports of domain name theft by .INFO registrars themselves from registrants - some of these reports can be found on this very board. Where's ICANN here!!!???

While unethical behavior by some registrars isn't anything new, the level of unethical activity we're seeing with .INFO is unprecedented!

And sadly I'm not surprised - I only submitted about a dozen or so pre-applications for .INFO domains in part due to this reason. And in regards to .INFO landrush domains, I registered all of mine through Network Solutions [NSI](VeriSign) - for as unpersonal their service can be much of the time, due to their large size, etc, I'm not aware of any instance in which NSI knowingly cheated a registrant out of a domain name registration that they had submitted - in fact Network Solutions has gone out of their way to ensure registrants that had .INFO domains caught in "limbo" that their respective domain names were still theres and the problem would be corrected; of course as par the course for NSI, the fix will probably take many phone calls, time, etc for those affected registrants...but the point is that NSI is among the few that one can actually trust for domain name registrations right now...many of the other registrars, while their service may be better, etc, can't be trusted.

Lastly, in regards to "stolen" .INFO domains registrations, I'd suggest making copies of their respective Whois information and then contacting Afilias directly explaining your situation - Afilias should, assuming they know how to properly maintain databases, have a transaction record of every change made to a particular domain name in their Whois - if your name shows up in one iteration, but not another for a particular domain, then that should certainly prompt Afilias to work with you to get the problem resolved. Trust is a big part - without trust, people and more importantly companies will not use nor develop .INFO domains if they are always wondering "who will own it tomorrow", "will the domain still work", "will customers still trust using .info domains", etc.


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