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Username: hiltonian
Date/Time: Fri, October 12, 2001 at 7:17 PM GMT
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Subject: Spin, lies and incompetence (IMHO)


      Everything Roland "LaRat" says in that article lacks credibility. How the hell are they supposed to rely on "the testimony of the registrant that the information was correct". That really diminishes my already dark opinion on them.

"He said the fact that there was no global trademark database to check claims against made Afilias' job much more difficult."

Well, duh! But is that ever gonna happen unless the previously suggested .reg/whatever TLD is enforced.

"We never intended to verify the individual data components"

More fool them. Even me, a humble 6th Form student, wouldn't be that stupid!

"But it has quickly become evident that some people are not providing accurate information."

So why didn't they do anything about it?

"He said the problems of checking trademarks meant it was only ever going to be able to act after people had made applications"

Surly if they made some data checks at submission time it would save them a LOT of time now...

"Those who cannot provide sufficient proof that they do own the relevant trademark will have the domain taken from them"

Much as we would all like this to happen, I cant see Afilias doing anything that doesn't result in huge profits for themselves and their partners.


Richard Hilton
Hiltonian Media

.info ... Where the world goes for... wait, will anyone actually go there?


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