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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Fri, October 12, 2001 at 9:43 PM GMT
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Subject: laPlante SUCH a fricking spin-trickster


"Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer at Afilias, defended its handling of the sunrise process."

You CAN'T defend it - it's indefensible!!!

"He said the problems of checking trademarks meant it was only ever going to be able to act after people had made applications."

If there's NO Trademark even entered, it doesn't take long to check!!! Idiot!!! There's loads like that - but you REGISTERED them! Duuuhhhh!!!

"We never intended to verify the individual data components," said Mr LaPlante.

"But it has quickly become evident that some people are not providing accurate information."

SO... DELETE them!!! Like... um... Afilias Board member Govinda Leopold - her registrar company faked the TM details for and ... 

"Afilias is also talking to some of the .info registrars responsible for passing on a lot of questionable applications."

DUH!!! Like Afilias CEO Hal Lubsen!!! His DomainBank company submitted 91 names for William Lorenz and they all had "NONE" in the data fields.

Afilias Sunrise Process - a "success"? or "Rotten to the Core"?

What was it, your own Board Member Robert Connelly said?




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