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Username: Garry Anderson
Date/Time: Sat, October 13, 2001 at 11:28 AM GMT
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Subject: ICB Toll Free article


Adds a bit more to my comments (both links bottom of page)

by Kendall Dawson

The Register is running a story on Afilias and the .info launch. It appears that a representative called them to explain the whole .info fiasco. And, surprise! surprise! it really isn't their fault according to the story. After reading the article, I had a few thoughts (original words in italics mine in bold):

"It has not been the smoothest, most error-free launch," Roland La Plante, chief marketing officer of Afilias admitted. "But please keep in mind no one has launched a new TLD in recent years."

[BOLD] WRONG! There have been dozens of CCTLDs launched, some very large. CC, TO, TV come to mind. launched a whole registration system with no problems. IOD has been running .Web for over 5 years with no problems. This is just plainly not true. The truth is that Afilias fielded a woefully underpowered system, failed to test it, and is now paying the price. Afilias did exactly what ICANN accused IOD of wanting to do: they chose to field a simple system and pay for the real buildout out of revenue. Well, the revenue doesn't cut it, and neither does the system. Oh, and IOD never intended to do that.[/BOLD]

Are there any lessons to be learnt? "Yes," he told us. "If we did it again, before we went live we would test it under a more significant load. We would also have taken steps to make it more difficult to put the wrong information into the [domain registration] form. For example, we didn't specify how to put dates in, we just had a date field. This has made it harder to do an effective search."

[BOLD] You mean just like Image Online Design has already done? You mean the simulations that IOD ran that ICANN dismissed?[/BOLD]

What of complaints that Afilias' real-time registering system for the public had to be pulled down? "We did pull down our system for 46 hours to do some tweaking but it has been running very smoothly ever since. All the major issues have been resolved and we are able to handle demand. But you have to understand that all of this was done on a global stage and was an open process."

[BOLD] An open process? WHERE? What open process?[/BOLD]

Mr La Plante suggests Mr Connelly wanted the list in order to know which domains not to attempt to register. While he acknowledges the list was finally made available very soon after Mr Connelly's public condemnation of the process, Mr La Plante denies this is evidence of Afilias' stalling and claims the file simply wasn't ready before that time.

[BOLD] Wasn't ready?! "SELECT domain FROM domainlist ORDERBY ascending" ... there's your list. Mr. La Plante is either technically ignorant or disingenuous. Or both.[/BOLD]

"I don't think we could have developed a perfect system," Mr La Plante told us, reflecting on the past few months. Although it could certainly have been better than the one which was offered.

[BOLD] They could have called Image Online Design! What if they had given IOD .web back in November of 2000?[/BOLD]
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