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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Sat, October 13, 2001 at 7:43 PM GMT
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Subject: The difficulty......  and why Lubsen must resign


The difficulty - and the complete conflict of interest - lies in the fact that it was an Afilias Board registrar (Speednames) that was happy to accept $500,000 and supported/processed Tiscover's 4981 fake applications!

As you say, registrars should not have accepted 4981 fake names, just to run off with the money... and I agree with you that Afilias should do something about it... should have done something already:

1. Get Mickey Beyer removed from the Afilias Board for complete abuse of the system, and the resultant defrauding of honest customers.

2. DELETE all 4981 names immediately (they have the contractual right to do so, so they are out of order if they don't)

3. The CEO of Afilias, Hal Lubsen, should also resign - because he did exactly the same thing when he SMASHED Afilias's own rules, and accepted $13300 to help Lorenz register 91 fake "NONE data" applications

4. And where, in all this, is ICANN?

Plankenstein : disgraceful

Speednames : even more disgraceful (for taking the money to break the rules)

Hal Lubsen : even more disgraceful still (because as CEO of Afilias, he nevertheless let his company DomainBank flout the process and submitted Lorenz's zero-data names for money, then refused to delete them when repeatedly requested to by Lorenz himself).

Even the "crooks" admit they faked... and yet Afilias refuse to delete the names

Afilias Board members were responsible for over half the fraudulent submissions at Sunrise

At the same time they were doing this, they were charging honest pre-registrants money to pre-register the very names they were helping to steal!!!

That is an absolute and shameful disgrace.       


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