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Username: Ron_Bennett
Date/Time: Wed, October 17, 2001 at 9:07 AM GMT
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Subject: ICANN 101: .COM Equals Carte Blanche to All Other TLDs...


        You are among the first to face the affects of ICANN's .COM-centric universe. There will be many more stories like yours to come...numerous .INFO registrants in upcoming months, after spending much money and time to develop them, will one day find their domains being challenged by the registrant of the .COM version. .ORG and .NET domain holders have faced similar threats over the years, but I suspect .INFO and .BIZ domain holders will have it far worse for various reasons.

In the ICANN universe .COM is all that are some examples:

ICANN.COM = ICANN.ORG = ICANN.NET = [any new TLD ever added]

Even nerds, many of which still believe .ORG should be for non-profit organizations, will find their favorite site has taken ICANN 101:


And even the venerable ICANN Watch website has learned well...


Bottom line is that .COM is all that matters and anyone who doesn't have the .COM version is basically out of luck...

ICANN Math for .INFO...or really any new TLD quite really...

You own the .INFO, but not the .COM = Expect legal action soon!!

You own the .COM, but not the .INFO = Take legal action now and grab that pesky .INFO domain before it causes confusion and problems. And anyways, according to ICANN 101, it's a .COM registrant's "RIGHT" to own the .INFO and .BIZ domains too along with any other new TLDs that come down the pike.

Good luck...


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