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Username: Ray_F
Date/Time: Wed, October 17, 2001 at 1:42 PM GMT
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Subject: How to define supply


        I think you confuse inventory-in-demand with inventory of little or no value.  As a demonstration of this, what has evolved is a secondary .com market where viable second level registrations sell for 10 times their price of registration even though there is this yet-to-be-registered supply that can be obtained for as little as $8.95.  Any new entrant must look to the aftermarket if they desire to just now create a marketable online presence in .com.

New TLD entrants should be allowed to price their offering consistent with market place variables, of which this is but one example.  Price gouging practices will be penalized by the market place, just like any other competitive industry sector.  But there is cetainly room between the $6 cap that was applied in the first round application process and what is being obtained within the aftermarket.  Sound TLD business plans that serve market needs and produce profitability objectives offer innovation to the sector over the longer term.  The last I checked, the TLD space was 'for-profit' thus requiring business practices that are consistent with this objective.

Some would like to see the status quo, including inflated pricing within the secondary .com market, to remain.  I am not one of them.  It stunts growth and innovation.  Price-capping practices at the registry level will only allow this to remain - which I happen to believe we are already seeing signs of.



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