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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Wed, October 17, 2001 at 4:26 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 95
Subject: Afilias : "This sham of a company"


"It makes me angry and extremely disappointed that the one organization chosen to oversee the Internet (ICANN) has allowed this sham of a company (Afilias) the opportunity to operate a new TLD."

A company whose directors have submitted fake Trademark details, and presided over a process that has allowed 10,000 other names to be faked.

A company whose own CEO and directors have been responsible for submitting over half the fraudulent Trademarks themselves, and charging over $500,000 to do it.

A company that refused to resolve the cheated pre-registration problem, through the obvious solutions, and then adopted an abject non-communication policy to protect its own interests.

A company that has refused to delete the fakes for which its directors charged $500,000 EVEN THOUGH the fraudulent applicants admitted their claims were false/ineligible.

A company that has let registrars submit multiple (in some case hundreds) of "claims" to generic names (even though registrants were not allowed to claim them)

A company whose own director Robert Connelly decided he should resign his position and all his interests, because the treatment of Landrush customers was unacceptable, and the whole Sunrise process was "an abomination".

A company whose "Real-Time" registry collapsed in chaos and disorder, resulting in customers losing registrations to other people.

A company whose own CEO was STILL selling pre-registrations as "available" for names which had already been sold at Sunrise.

A company which "claimed" it had "hand-checked" names reserved for their registrars, and which gave ineligible names like "" to members of its own Board.

A company which has presided over the defrauding of thousands of Landrush customers, and shown clear disregard for their just interests and lost investments.

Yes, speaking personally, I'd call that a "sham of a company" and the people responsible "dishonest cheats who know they have made a profit out of unacceptable business practices".

To use my own terminology, I think they are fucking arseholes.

Too many small-time honest people have been hurt, and their complacent refusal to address that shows me that they are not a company to be trusted or taken seriously.

What a SHAM!!!


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