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Username: vera-city
Date/Time: Wed, October 17, 2001 at 8:32 PM GMT
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Subject: Bad Faith?


      As posted on the very informative registry website, the registry publically announced on 15AUG01 that they would directly challenge questionable sunrise applications. Yet, the registry and the registrar appear to have continued to charge, accept, process and register the substantially defective sunrise applications of Mr. L after 15AUG01 seemingly in clear contradiction to their own sunrise rules and with the reasonable knowledge that the resulting Mr. L's registrations were invalid and would be challenged by the registry if not by others. Is this not bad faith? Were they setting up Mr. L? How could they accept money this way? The above is only opinion, may or may not be correct, may or may not reflect a real situation and is only intended for entertainment purposes and to foster discussion.


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