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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Wed, October 17, 2001 at 10:50 PM GMT
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Subject: Image Online Design's application will be approved next year..


There are many reasons why ICANN will approve Image Online Design's application, but I think the most important reason why this is going to happen is due in no small part to their 1st round application.

Image Online Design's application for all practical purposes set the mark with respect to handling TM issues, funding, marketing, etc.  We definitely get the benefit now in 10/01 to see how things are working out, but Image Online Design knew exactly what would work and what wouldn't last year.  This shouldn't come as a surprise either...they have had 6 years experience behind them!

When the ICANN New TLD board convenes, it's recommendation to the full board will mirror the "recommendations" IOD made in their application....For them to say everything has worked fine, and for future operators continue this way would be ludicrious.  I would even venture to guess Afilias in all honestly would have liked to have gotten an advance copy of IOD's application when they submitted theirs.  In all fairness to Afilias', the IPC community made it clear that they wanted a sunrise....Afilias wanted a TLD....It was a recipe for disaster....In hindsight, (20/20) the proper way to upload a new TLD is to allow TM owners the ability to make a claim to a domain after they have shown they should be allowed to have it...TO do otherwise, invites the trouble we have seen...

One thing I will say about Image Online Design is they have the benefit of "not just wanting a TLD"...they own it[.web]....rather than just "wanting a TLD" their focus has been to get their product [.web] in the hands of the internet community that WANTS this product universal.  From a business standpoint this makes sense... the company works that much harder to ensure customers are taken care of...Afterall their reputation [and product are on the line] You can see the "care" that goes into this "product" whether it is the design of their website, their customer service, or their approach to seeing this through...The Internet operators of today could only hope to have a tenth of the respect people have for Image Online Design.  Afterall, you don't stay around 6 years (a lifetime in internet years) without a good track record!!

The points I have made will not fall on deaf ears when ICANN gets to that point on selecting another round of TLDs...I can guarantee that....My prediction is the next round will be smaller (those selected)...Maybe 3...Maybe 2...I am thinking dot web (Image Online Design) and dot travel (IATA)...The key here is legitimate support...If you look at how many letters of support have been sent to congress and key leaders in support of Image Online Design alone, you could fill an entire room....that is no b.s!

Legitimacy:  When you hear ICANN speaking in those terms, it will be in reference to Image Online Design....

Gregory W. Krajewski 
President, K2 Enterprises



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