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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Fri, October 19, 2001 at 2:03 AM GMT
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Subject: I am making predictions on Image Online Design's future based on fact.....


      I am simply trying to put into perspective what Image Online Design's future will hold, based on my opinion.  My opinion only matters to the degree to which I produce some fact to back that opinion up.  Hopefully my argument for Image Online Design's dot web getting included in the legacy root next year isn't coming across as a cheap sales pitch....For if it were I would have given you very little fact and a lot of fluff. 

I believe I invested a great deal of time crafting my argument[s] of why Image Online Design will be approved next year by ICANN. I won't rehash those reasons why as I believe the facts speak for themselves.  You know you have a good argument when their is very little in the way of refuting those statements I made [with fact].

Another thing you mention that REALLY needs to be clarified.  There is a BIG difference between Image Online Design and  Those that come on here in support of *support* an alternate root, with the hopes of getting a TLD included in the legacy root.  Image Online Design, who I might add has been at this for 6 years, supports a single, authoritative public root which will support their "proof-of-concept" dot web TLD [product]....

NOTE:  Some of us used the term "alternate roots" in support of Image Online Design in the past.  We were corrected on the spot this past July by Image Online Design, when they posted their "clarification" paper on the Dot web registry website.  [Click on link below].  So our apologies to Image Online Design for past mischaracterizations...

One last thing to note:  Discussion of Image Online Design's dot web registry has been going on for over 5 1/2 years, why all of a sudden are we considered "opportunists"???....Geez!! 

Anyways, you have a good day sir..

Gregory W. Krajewski
President, K2 Enterprises        


Link: Image Online Design's Clarification Paper

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