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Username: Timberstone
Date/Time: Fri, October 19, 2001 at 7:07 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V4.5 using Macintosh
Subject: Re:Reply


                Hi Dan, I LOVE your site. The spoof on the .info site
Great info on the history of the net. I'm still reading. I really
don't think of myself as a lucky speculator. I paid dearly for my
generic dot-com. It's use by others in .net, .org, .edu, .mil etc...
don't bother me in the slightest. I don't own the word. But I was
under the impression I secured exclusive commercial use of it, at
least till I'm established anywhy. I thought the $10,000.00 I paid the
prior registrant brought me that much. Enough to justify the
programming expense. Like any start up business, it's a gamble. The
generic gives me traffic without paying $0.83 cents a click to search
engines. It will be some time, if I ever see a profit. I like feeling
I'm helping to add to the navigational structure of the Internet by
providing exactly what people expect to find at my site. For a small
fee, a great generic name can be shared by all, anywhere in the world.
I, in turn, may see a profit some day. Now, should 3 new overlaping
extensions ever gain habitual use. (which I actually doubt) never the
less, I just don't appreciate the sudden appearance of these 3 new
extensions that I see no practical use for as they all are covered by
dot-com. Professionals, Business and informational sites all use them. is in the .information .BIZness

I thought .sex was a needed extension as it would be easy for parents
to block it. Just give it to all the current Adult Site owners for a
few bucks and that could solve a big problem. As far as a "universal"
new extension. .Gen for "general" would of been much more practical.
But no, they had to make it overlap into commerce. It's like having
.col for college and .uni for university. Whoever thought out this
.info, .biz and .pro must of been "out of their minds". They should
quickly re-name .info = .gen and forget the .pro and .biz. Why open
this huge can of worms with TM disputes all over again. And let the
commercial businesses have there corner of the net.

The saving grace is that .com is well established and it's not likely
that they will ever become habitual as "com" is so drilled into the
public. It's just an unnecessary threat to start up companies that
have a 85% failure rate as it is. It was unforeseen and unexpected
that people intrusted to regulate would do something so thoughtless.
AND handle the registation process so poorly. Many Registrars had
little pre-registration casino games going. I'm just very disapointed
in the extension choices, the way the release was handled and I'm
concerned about the confusion as so many businesses are informational,
Professional and "businesses". Causing confusion and dilution is not
the way to go. Think of the mis-directed email!!! This is just
inviting all kinds of potential problems down the road.

I got to go read your site some more. Great .information..........


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