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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Fri, October 19, 2001 at 11:16 PM GMT
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Subject: Richard Henderson's site has been


        inspirational - we all owe him a BIG thanks for the time and energy he has put into it.  It provides the Internet community with evidence as to how badly and sadly Afilias Ltd. and ICANN let everyone down - except perhaps some of their registrars who have scored large bonuses from the Landrushers who bought preregistrations for names which Afilias Ltd. was happy to register without checking of any kind - thus my comment - profit generating chaos.

We have to hope that the events of the .info rollout have not gone unnoticed by those in the various regulatory authorities, but the media have yet to be stirred to frenzy and ICANN - well, there are some pretty cosy bedfellows on the BoDs of that august institution and the likes of Afilias Ltd. - so I suspect ICANN will continue to be nothing much more than a registrar's lobby group, doing nothing to win the Internet community's confidence that ICANN is in fact a "public benefit corporation" operating for the benefit of all net users, rather than promoting their own self interest and those of big business.

No one will be happier than me if Afilias Ltd. do a complete review of Sunrise names, but I have no faith in the responsibility, accountabilty and ethics of the principals of Afilias and ICANN, and suspect that the customers who have come to expect the worst of these organisations will not be surprised when just a percentage of those names which are apparently fraudulent registered are offered again to the public.

When they are offered again - the Landrushers who lost their money due to what appears to be fraud perpetrated and overseen by Afilias and ICANN - will again be asked to pay money for a chance to win these names.

I am very fortunate that I was able to registered about a dozen very valuable names in my principal area of business in Landrush (I of course lost a chance at the very big generics in my field) and have registered about 50 more in real time in three very specific areas that I believe had been overlooked and which I believe have great potential if developed well. 

I really do wish you success with the development of your new names.

Let's hope we see some justice for those who have had costly Landrush dealings with Afilias Ltd. and that the individuals who brought us the abomination of the .info rollout go straight to jail.

best regards



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