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Username: icanncant
Date/Time: Sun, October 21, 2001 at 7:50 PM GMT
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Subject: Afilias Presents U2 and No Doubt at the ICANN meeting!


                Afilias Presents U2 and No Doubt at the ICANN meeting!

"With more than 500,000 names already registered, .INFO's success to date is in a large part due to the diligence and efforts of our .INFO registrars"

Party! Success? Money to spend on Concerts! How much of it I wonder is from those who have been ripped off in this process?

Their patting themselves on the back, while partying off the backs of others they defrauded!

Ponder this, funny how ICANN has no more financial problems ever since the fraudulent new tld process.

It's fascinating how ICANN was able to virtually launder the remaining $2,000,000.00 and yet not a lawsuit in site

This display of arrogance by Afilias is almost beyond comprehension.

Take a hint, don't expect any justice, fairness or honesty. From the time of the Afilias/ICANN press release regarding the Sunrise Fraud where they told the world what they "intended" to do about is as worthless as the people behind it because all we have observed is a company and it's whore *ICANN* make grandiose claims of success all the while allowing the fraud to continue and thrive.

How in the world can any rational person seriously believe that either ICANN or Afilias will right the wrongs when they are ignoring them?

The gonads on these people...

And another thing I find it shady that in order for Afilias to extract domain names from those who obtained them fraudulently they will have to submit them to a WIPO proceeding?

There is no need for a WIPO proceeding when it could easily be determined if the application was legit or not as it should have been from the beginning.

In my opinion this is nothing more than a disguised kickback.

Party! Success! They hold each and everyone one of us in contempt.

Words can be very revealing, Take "ICANN.Org" for example if you switch the words around you end up with,

                                       A Con Ring.



Link: Afilias Presents U2 and No Doubt at the ICANN meeting!

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