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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, October 21, 2001 at 8:56 PM GMT
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Subject: after the WIPO challenge - watch the Afilias site for their


progress with their own challenge process on "facially fraudulent" Sunrise registered names not dealt with by WIPO.

Richard's Henderson's "" has listed about 9,500 "suspicious names" as Roland LaPlante likes to call them.

One will get you ten that Afilias Ltd. will have technical problems, ethical problems, accountability problems.... that will result in the likes of Plankenstein losing his registrations - but the majority of good generic names staying with their fraudulent registrants.

Watch to see if YesNIC lose theirs and they are made available to the Landrushers. Watch to see if SpyProductions lose theirs and they are made available to the Landrushers.  Watch to see if the registrar reserves without TMs or .com registrations are returned to the Landrushers.

Afilias to date have refused to confirm that ALL sunrise applications will be checked and ALL frauds challenged, AND that Landrushers will have standing - that Afilias acknowledges that it continues to have responsibilities to provide Landrush customers with what they paid for when the disputed names are freed.

I have not read the report of the Afilias party to celebrate 500,000 sales - but it is apparent that Afilias Ltd. is The Acme Worst Practice Registry - and if the story is true - we have more confirmation of the corrupt culture that pervades the DNS adminstration.

Afilias likes to distance itself from its approved registrars when it comes to queries about refunds of preregistration fees for Landrush names that Afilias chose to register in Sunrise to cybersquatting frauds - but if Afilias is partying to celebrate 500,000 sales, I feel that the bill for the party was at the expense of the Landrushers who to date have paid for nothing.

While it is not likely that anyone in authority already investigating the Afilias Ltd. fiasco would advise this forum of their progress - if posters are concerned that our concerns are going unheard, then go to the link below and file a complaint, and anywhere else you think it may do some good.



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