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Username: antipodes
Date/Time: Sun, October 21, 2001 at 10:01 PM GMT
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I think we are all feeling continuing frustration that Afilias may get away with the scam they perpetrated on the Internet community with their fiasco of the .info rollout.

Now Afilias are celebrating the sale of 500,000 .info domains with an expensive party with their approved registrars to whom Afilias gives large credit for the success of the .info launch.

Like many others, I paid a lot of money to these registrars for Landrush preregistrations which were effectively voided from the Landrush distribution when the majority of registrars and the registry chose not to check whether Sunrise applicants qualified for Sunrise registrations.

Afilias says "don't talk to us about your Landrush preregistration fees - the registrars have your money" and Afilias continues to refuse to confirm that ALL Sunrise registrations will be checked for fraud and that ALL fraudulent registrations will be cancelled.  No amount of trying will get Afilias to confirm that Landrush applicants will have standing in a Landrush II.

Given Afilias Ltd's. track record, I would guess the majority of us suspect that Afilias will do an incomplete check, will cancel a fraction of the fraud's registrations, and plan to release the freed names amidst a great deal of hoopla, trying to forget that Landrush customers ever existed and charging everyone again for the chance to win the freed generics.

While it is not likely that any regulatory authority would advise this forum of their progress in the investigation of Afilias and its seemingly unprincipled principals, if posters are concerned that no one in authority is listening, then there may be value in each of us submitting a complaint to the IFCC set up to investigate internet fraud.    


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