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Username: rachelmacgregor
Date/Time: Mon, October 22, 2001 at 2:16 PM GMT
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Subject: Complaint against ICANN sent to the Department of Commerce



Dear Sir

Further to my e-mail expressing serious concerns about Afilias, I would be grateful if you would also consider my anxiety about what seems to me to be ICANN's failure to intervene in this situation.

I also wish to complain, if you'll forgive me for troubling you, about the fact that Vint Cerf and his ICANN team have been kept well informed about all the concerns listed in my previous e-mail, and yet seem to have presided over the actions of Afilias without intervening at those points where contractual rules have been broken, or where an ICANN intervention could have safeguarded the interests of honest customers.

Please could you inform me : to whom are ICANN accountable?

The public concern is that registrars, registries like Afilias, and ICANN members seem to be too incestuously interlinked. Since ICANN has the responsibility for acting as some form of watchdog, why hasn't it intervened forcefully when such obvious abuses have taken place.

And if ICANN won't intervene, who will?

I suppose I'm respectfully asking you if you would be prepared to look into this, and I'd be grateful if the Department of Commerce (as arguably the next-in-line in responsibility) could intervene where others have failed.

I'm sorry to trouble you but there seem clear conflicts of interest here and I feel that ICANN and Afilias both need to be called to account.

Yours sincerely

Rachel MacGregor       


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