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Username: spot
Date/Time: Tue, October 23, 2001 at 9:56 PM GMT
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Subject: VOTE BELOW: Do we inform Hawaii TM holders they could get off Leopold? YES or NO-


Her defense is apparently that she applied for them by mistake and has been told that they cannot be deleted. Well since she is a board member of Afilias, obviously it's up to her. This is the lamest LIE I have heard in a long while.

But I put it to you- Are we going to let her get away with it, bearing in mind that could be worth perhaps $500,000 - $1000,000 at least in a year or two if not now?

Do we believe that Afilias will challenge itself and put the name back into the pool?

We have a solution: We do online TM searches, compile a list of people who have the Hawaii TMs, and then email all of them explaining clearly what has happened, giving a link to the Afilias whois and also this forum as further evidence, and explaining that they could legitimately claim intellectual property worth $500,000.

I undertand that many people are against domain hijacking and I sympathise with this view when people who legitimately register adomain have it swiped, but this is different- this is not only a sunrise fraud, but worse still, is committed by a board member of the registry. I am only suggesting this solution because it is clear that THERE IS NO OVERSEEING BODY. AFILIAS IS ACCOUNTABLE TO NO-ONE. ICANN DOES NOT DO ANYTHING ANY MORE EXCEPT ALLOCATE REGISTRY PERMISSIONS. ICANN DOES NOT MONITOR REGISTRY PERFORMANCE AND DOES NOT REPRESENT OR REPLY TO THE INTERNET COMMUNITY.




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