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Username: Jim Fleming
Date/Time: Wed, October 24, 2001 at 4:45 PM GMT
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Subject: ICANN Proof-of-Concept Could Mean Selecting the Amateur TLD Registries


      ICANN Proof-of-Concept Could Mean Selecting the Amateur TLD Registries

To illustrate this example. Imagine some people have decided
that they want to prove that neighborhood kids can play basketball.
Imagine that Michael Jordan is driving past and stops. Are the
parents who are managing that particular playground obligated to
allow Michael Jordan to be allowed to play ? Maybe their goal is
to have their sons and daughters play. Maybe their goal is to prove
that the least likely kids can play. Who knows what their goal is
and it is only one playground.

When the Olympics come (i.e. Full Deployment), it becomes a
different story. In the old days, Michael Jordan would not be
allowed to play. Now he gets to play. Maybe he will be playing
along with or against one of the kids from that playground he
stopped to watch.

Tomorrow, the world Internet community will be able to move
toward Full Deployment. It will be interesting to see if ICANN
is able to get any players on the teams that make the final cut.
Indications here indicate that they have a long way to go. Some
people assume that pros should be brought in to slam-dunk for
the amateurs. It is not clear what that would prove.

In the end, the marketplace will decide. ICANN is just one of
many Proof-of-Concept playgrounds, on the global Internet.



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