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Username: S. Hudgens
Date/Time: Thu, October 25, 2001 at 5:34 PM GMT
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Subject: Objectivity.


"If your dream ever comes true and ICANN selects IOD and its amazing .WEB as a salvation for everything that's wrong with the net today:"

Why all this rancor?  I never claimed that .WEB was a salvation for everything that is wrong with the web.  A major modification to ICANN would help in that regard.

"What do you stand to gain on a personal level other than your obvious contribution to humanity?" and "How many .WEB names do you currently own?"

I happily admit to owning several .WEB names.  What I stand to gain on a personal level would be the ability to create an online business with good names, without the burden of discovering that the fourteenth iteration of my desired name was taken in the .COM space by some guy in East Timor.

"Will you agree to throwing those back into the pool for an equitable distribution process that benefits the public at large?"

No, because no TLD has ever been launched free from some sort of pre-registration.  Tell me of a TLD that has launched clean, and I will consider your proposal.

"...I also wish you would admit that we are not talking about objectivity here"

I cannot.  I have already weighed this subject objectively, and decided that 1) I love the .WEB TLD, and 2) IOD is the company to run it.  What you would like me to say is that I objectively consider your point.  Objective considerations are based on a factual analysis.  Your statements are opinion, an opinion which I disagree with, and cannot be proved or disproved objectively.  However, a true objective analysis on your part would be to admit to the fact that .WEB is overwhelmingly popular with the Internet community, hence the desire by Afilias to get it.  This would run counter to your observation that ".WEB is garbage". 

We are going to get nowhere debating this.  I respect your view that you think .WEB would do nothing to help ease this artificial scarcity in domain names.  Please respect mine that I believe otherwise.

Shelby Hudgens

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