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Username: richard_henderson
Date/Time: Thu, October 25, 2001 at 7:14 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Subject: Keep it simple, Jim Fleming!!!!!


For the foreseeable future most "ordinary" internet users - the millions on millions for whom the internet is a small "click-on-click-off" part of their lives... will still look up:

chosen name .com as first attempt to get the subject they want
chosen name .(country) to see if there's a local version
chosen name .info to see if there's any information on it there

For all the other TLDs they won't bother (because who's going to bother checking through 3000 TLDs?)

The only other method they'll use is a search-engine... and then, you name may as well be chosen name .anything or even anything.anything

Until a radical new addressing concept is introduced, I take the view that the vast majority of ordinary users will stick with .com as their main entry to the internet

Unpalatable but true...

Good grief! 99% of my friends and acquaintances haven't even heard of .info yet!!! That's the honest truth! Most people are just not so deep into the Internet that they want to deal with complexity.

But I do believe .info will slowly become the second most important reference tool on the Internet. The name says it all! All the more reason why I'm furious with Afilias for messing up such a brilliant prospect.      


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