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Username: hiltonian
Date/Time: Thu, October 25, 2001 at 9:18 PM GMT
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Subject: But...


      Someone has to control the Internet to keep it available to the masses. For example, one view that I have heard expressed about Linux is that because it is developed by so many organisations and individuals with no regulation, people who aren't familiar with the operating system are confused by which distribution to use and which software will work with their distribution. The Internet is similar. If you don't have regulatory bodies to oversee the Internet, it will become so fragmented that the average Jo Bloggs won't know which "root" (etc.) to use; and if sending an email to a certain address from work will go to the same person as if he sent the email from home. I accept that the way the Internet is regulated at the moment leaves a lot to be desired, but you need to have someone there to keep it all together. We don't need to remove ICANN, we just need to change the way in which it operates. That is, make it open, transparent, fair, and answerable to the world's Internet population.


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