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Username: cgrady
Date/Time: Fri, October 26, 2001 at 12:33 AM GMT
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Subject: It seems to have been delayed for over 5 years already ...


.... so I guess it would be no real shock to IOD or those who have purchased .WEB domains.

However, I was shocked that ICANN did not approve IOD's application the first time. Technically, their application was almost IDENTICAL to Afilias with one exception:

IOD had been operating a live, stable registry for years and their application was based on years of experience - Afilias was nothing more than a board of directors, a law firm, a stack of papers filled with promises and $50K.

So I was naturally shocked when ICANN praised Afilias' application while pooh poohing IOD's. ICANN's reward was the problem-plagued .info rollout resulting from Afilias "superior" application. IOD's registry is still, and has been, running, stable and operational.

Accepting IODs application would have introduced true competition into the market. Afilias is made up of the same old players (just a different name). What is the purpose of introducing "competition" into a market if the competition is essentially the same company your trying to open up the market against? This would be similar to having an application process where someone on the board of directors of the entity requesting and reviewing applications is also on the board of companies submitting applications ... Oops, that actually happened.

Chris Grady


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